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Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a provincial program for adult learners made up of three levels:

For those with limited reading and writing skills

Is a refresher level for those who have been out of school for some time or who need extra help to prepare for Level III

Corresponds to grades 10-12 and requires the completion of 36 credits in order to graduate.


The Adult Basic Education program (ABE) and the General Educational Development (GED) testing program are two options for adults wanting a high school diploma. However, the two programs are very different.

The GED is a series of standardized tests designed to measure general knowledge, ideas, and thinking skills normally acquired through three years of high school; but which can be acquired through experience.

The major difference between ABE and GED is that ABE prepares you academically for future training. GED does not.

Entrance Requirements

To be accepted into the ABE program, you must be:

  • 19 years old or older, or:
  • You may enroll to upgrade courses/marks if you are 18 Years of age or older and already a high school graduate.

Students are required to complete a number of specific courses. Most previously earned high school credits transfer into the ABE system, allowing you to bring your credits into our program when you start.

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Level III ABE program a student must earn at least 36 credits made up of the following:


Mathematics Credits

Minimum of 6 required.

ABE Subject Icons_general

General Options Credits

From miscellaneaous courses. Maximum of 10.


English Credits

Minimum of 9 required.

ABE Subject Icons_equilency

High School Credits

Most completed high school courses count towards ABE.

ABE Subject Icons_science

Science Credits

Minimum of 6 required.

ABE Subject Icons_mature

Maturity Credits

Awarded based on student age. Maximum of 5. Categorized as General Options.

ABE Subject Icons_employable skills

Employability Skills Credits

Minimum of 4 required.

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