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Callie’s Story: Leading The Way – Making Her Son Proud

High school can cause people to feel many emotions, including anxiety, intimidation, or fear. Callie experienced these

Roy’s Story: Gaining Strength – How Roy Empowers Adults For Life

Everyone manages their own struggles in life and finds their own path to handle them. For some, this means leaving

Kevin’s Story: Making A Change – Kevin’s Decision to Return

Everyone experiences high school a little differently. Some students feel overwhelmed, some students feel like they

Jennifer’s Story: Overcoming Obstacles – How Jennifer Helps Adults Reach Their Goals

Leaving high school is never an easy decision. There are so many factors to consider, including family, emotional

Anne Marie’s Story: Difficult Decisions – Anne Marie Reflects on Success

The decision to leave high school is different for every person and we can’t always understand why someone chooses

Elaine’s Story: Best Life – Elaine’s Advice and her Promise

High school proved to be difficult to Elaine, just like many others. The decision to leave high school to make money and

Michelle’s Story – The next chapter in Michelle’s story

Michelle didn’t let her learning disabilities slow her down. She knew that with the right support she'd be ready to take

Cameron’s Story – The next step in Cameron’s quest

Teachers made all the difference. “They want to see you succeed,” says Cameron. “They’re honestly there for you and

Hayley’s Story – The next door opens

Hayley’s future is bright Taking that ‘first step’ paid off for Hayley. Through her own hard work and determination

Michelle’s Story – How finding courage helped her find confidence

On the first day of Michelle’s journey to finish high school as an adult, she was overwhelmed with feelings about her

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